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Domestic Violence Counseling

I provide domestic violence/abuse counseling for victims only.

Domestic violence counseling focuses on the unique needs of people who have been traumatized by being in an abusive relationship with a close relative or partner.
Domestic violence comes in many forms, perhaps you were physically abused with hitting, choking or stabbing. Or, you were verbally abused with name calling or threats to you or your children's well-being.Other common forms of abuse are being financially controlled, stalked, or harassed by your partner or relative with whom you share a residence.

If you have witnessed or experienced domestic violence, you may need to address the trauma you have lived through. Recovery is essential to your understanding that you were not responsible for your abuse. Therapy can also help you learn whom to trust when making future relationships.

You need domestic violence counseling when you feel you can no longer make it through everyday activities without being bothered, anxious, or depressed by remembering traumatic events. If you have recently reported the incident and your abuser is working his/her way through the litigation process, you need help and support during this difficult time.

You also need to see a professional if you are parenting a child who has witnessed or experienced domestic violence. As a professional, I can help you to make positive parenting decisions so that your child can experience as normal of a childhood as possible.

I have worked with domestic violence victims and their children for over 8 years and can help you understand the trauma you have experienced.

Together, we can work to improve your coping skills and recovery process.

I provide evening, Saturday and daytime office hours to fit your schedule.

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