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Child Counseling

"My child clients really enjoy their counseling sessions with me and usually can't wait for their next appointment." Dr. Carole

Child therapy is counseling that is age-appropriate for the developmental stage of the child or adolescent.

A child's counseling session can look very different from an adult's. For example, I often use "play therapy" to work through a child's feelings and experiences. It is common to play with toys, draw pictures, and use puppets during a counseling session with a child.

If your child is just entering the teen years, then journaling, playing board games or drawing can be forms of age-appropriate counseling techniques. Sometimes children in their early teens are just ready to unload and work through their issues.

As a skilled therapist, I work to reach your child on his or her developmental and emotional level. I engage your child in an emotionally safe manner and involve the parent(s) whenever possible.

Children have ways of telling us that they need therapy: their school performance or behavior may be problematic; they may be showing signs of depression, fear, or having trouble sharing their feelings with the adults who care for them.

I have worked many years with children from age 5 and up. I know the unique challenges that children have with expressing their emotions. I work with the adults who care for these children, to give both the child and the caregivers tools to overcome the issues at hand.

If counseling is unfamiliar territory for you and you are nervous about calling, relax! I am friendly and will guide you through the process and answer your questions.   

I provide evening, Saturday and daytime office hours to fit your work and school schedules.


Doctor Carole

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