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Anxiety Counseling

Are you feeling overwhelmed and trapped? Or do you fear that you will be alone forever? Do you feel that being around other people is a trigger for anxiety? Or are you overwhelmed by work, school or relationship issues?

Whatever the cause of your anxiety, the result is that you cannot enjoy life to its fullest.

As your therapist I can help you, in a non-judgmental way, work through anxiety; especially when your relationships, your job performance, your school or social activities, your self-image or your daily life suffer as a result of the overwhelming anxiety you are feeling.

Often anxiety will cause you to see life issues outside of their proper perspective and relative importance. As your therapist I can provide a third party perspective with a fresh view to help you see your life issues from a different vantage point. I can help you go from feeling stuck to making progress.

My approach to anxiety counseling is cognitive-behavioral and involves unconditional, positive regard towards you. I focus on healthy and unhealthy thinking patterns to enable you to navigate through anxiety and provide you a more realistic way of looking at your worries.


  • Flexible appointment availability; evening and daytime appointments Monday through Thursday, and Saturday mornings.
  • Competitive rates
  • Licensed, professional and experienced counseling services. 
  • Extensive counseling education combined with experience that can help provide you with wise, non-judgmental counsel.
  • Office space that is easy to find, beautiful and professional located at Hampden and Wadsworth.
  • Prompt return of your initial phone call when not in session; and yes that is rare in the counseling industry.

I have worked with many clients to overcome their anxiety. After seeking therapy, my clients can feel more empowered to live a life that is worry free and manageable.

Call or email me today! I am friendly and easy to talk to; and I will guide you through the process to set up your first appointment where you can begin dealing with your anxiety and improving your life.

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